The Collection of Contemporary Applied Art and Design, founded in 1966, encompasses unique and series-produced artefacts of the most diverse materials that were created in the period from 1918 to the present day.

The continuous collecting of inter-war applied art achievements started in the 1970s when Serbian society, excited by world museum trends, started to appreciate what had been created in this period. Over time, collections were formed of works by artists like Dušan Janković, Miloš Babić, Vasa Pomorišac, and architect Svetomir Lazić, followed by applied graphics, medals, badges, household objects and clothing items. Thanks to the post-war flourishing of applied art, to which the Museum of Applied Art was actively contributing, the representative collections of tapestry, textile and contemporary clothing were formed as well.

The collection of contemporary ceramics was formed in 1951, immediately upon the establishment of the Museum of Applied Art, and is comprised of ceramic art and industrial ceramics. The collection shows the development of ceramic as a material from the mid-20th century to present day. One of the key collections is the collection of contemporary glass, which follows the continuous development of artistic and industrially designed glass. Additionally, there is the collection of industrial design and furniture, as well as the collection of metal and wood art objects.

The collections of posters and graphic design, book illustrations and bindings, comic strips, caricatures and photography from the period after 1945 to the present day contain a rich diversity of articles. A particularly valuable unit is the collection of posters which preserves more than six thousand items. A special place is occupied by the collection of contemporary Polish posters, which represents a comprehensive and rich collection of works belonging to the field of Polish modern graphic design. A separate part of the collection of posters and graphic design includes the legacies from graphic designers and illustrators Đorđe Milanović and Dragoslav Stojanović Sip.

Bojana Popović, M.A, Museum Advisor
Jelena Popović, Senior Curator
Slobodan Jovanović, Senior Curator

From the Damned Jerina (Prokleta Jerina) Collection

Aleksandar Joksimović, 1969, (photo by: Tony Kent, for the French edition of Elle magazine)
MAA inv. no. 24086/1

Poster Design for the Artists’ Ball 1002 Nights

Dušan Janković, Belgrade, 1923
MAA inv. no. 18368

Decorative Plate Woman with a Bird and a Vase of Flowers

Dušan Jovanović Đukin, Paris, 1929/1930
MAA inv. no. 24324

Poster for the Film Third Man

Aleksandar Gojković, Belgrade, 1956
MAA inv. no. 5724

Chair of the Sultana type

Institute for Applied Arts of the People’s Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, 1958
MAA inv. no. 3826

Liquor Set, Stem Glass type

Veselko Zorić, Serbian Glass Factory, Paraćin, 1960
MAA inv. no. 4132

Perpetuum Mobile

Ivan Tabaković, SFR Yugoslavia, Belgrade, 1966
MAA inv. no. 9433

Poster for the Theatre Play Hair

Vladislav Lalicki, Belgrade, 1970
MAA inv. no. 7742

Illustration for the Book Invisible Bird

Dušan Petričić, Belgrade, 1974
MAA inv. no. 9666

Slices, Prototype from the Series Titled Porcelain in the Service of Work and Leisure

Ljubinko Jovanović, Porcelain Factory in Zaječar, SFR Yugoslavia, 1978–1979
MAA inv. no. 18906

A Change in State is Equal to the Quantum Hypothesis on the Theory of the Absurd or the Album of Mrs A

Olivera Ninčić, Belgrade, 1988
MAA inv. no. 18630

Panel from the Comic Strip The Scourge of God (Le Fléau des Dieux)

Aleksa Gajić, Belgrade, 2000–2005
MAA inv. no. 22498