In charge of the Department: Dejan Sandić, Curator and Srdjan Rakonjac, Documentalist

Initially part of the Library Department, the Documentation Department was constituted as a separate unit in 1964.

In line with the principles of museum documentation and archival procedures, the Central Documentation Department gathers, records and keeps all textual and visual data on objects from all the fields that Museum of Applied Art is focused on. It enables a documentary research of all artefacts kept in the Museum fund, also comparative survey of monuments on their respective locations and the entire statistical, printed and audio-visual material connected with the fields of expertise and different activities performed in this institution.

The documentation is compiled in order to protect the artefacts in the Museum, their analytical examination and give diverse information on the gathered and exhibited material to all interested scholars and visitors.

All of the aforementioned documentation is unified and concentrated in a one department.

According to the content and the processing system, the Central Documentation Department of the Museum of Applied Art is divided into following sectors:

Main Inventory

Photographic Library

Daily Papers, and

Specialised Archive sector