Although founded in the Museum of Applied Art in 1964 as an annual review of art created by pupils from Belgrade primary schools, it quickly became a traditional event, as exhibition and support of different forms of children’s achievements in applied arts. From its foundation the aim of this event was to sustain and broaden the curriculum of primary art education through different fields of applied arts. By acquiring the knowledge, appropriate techniques and methodology from various sections of applied arts (like ceramics, textile, illustration, stage and graphic design) was intended to improve the fine arts education based on the classical postulates of drawing and painting. The exhibition helped us evaluate the results, the influence of contemporary art and its reception in the school curricula. With its involvement in applied arts, the Children’s October Salon had influenced many generations of children and enabled their immediate contact with art with its exhibition and creative programme. In its collection of children’s art the Museum keeps the works of talented children that were awarded at annual exhibitions. Collected over thirty eight years of the Salon’s existence as genuine creations of children, and results of an effectual visual culture education, they represent the accomplished cultural treasures that could be applied to various comparative studies in museology and art education.