The library of the Museum of Applied Art holds over 20,000 thousand books and 960 titles of local and international periodicals. The readers/users have the reading room and three card-catalogues on their disposal: alphabetic, authors’ and thematic catalogue. The library material covers different monographic and serial editions from all fields and related branches of applied arts, together with publications on the theory of applied arts.

The library is open to members on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. The library is free.

In charge of the Library: mr Andrijana Ristić, Senior Librarian and Marijana Petrović, Librarian


Museum of Applied Art


Museum of Applied Art

The Publishing Programme

From its foundation in 1950, the Museum of Applied Art has had its own publishing programme encompassing over 400 titles in different categories. The most important are the following:

•  Guidebooks

•  Catalogues of all exhibitions in the Museum

•  The Museum of Applied Art Gazette, and

•  The History of Applied Art in Serbia vol. I

The major part of the publishing activity is devoted to current publications that accompany all exhibitions organised or co-organised by the Museum. Special and thematic issues publish and represent the artworks and artists from the field of applied arts, as well as topics that have had influence on cultural and artistic climate in our country. From the same reason, the Museum took on the role of publisher and co-publisher on occasions of foreign artists and foreign art exhibitions. Publications of special importance are translated and published in two or more languages. The publishing section has its desk and editorial board.

Since 2002 the Museum of Applied Art has published reprints of important publications like the facsimile of the Almanac “L’ Impossible” from 1930 and three issues of the magazine “Surrealism here and now” published in 1931 and 1932.

The publications of the Museum of Applied Art are aimed at professional circles as well as a wider audience, and could be purchased at moderate prices in the Museum and the “Plato” bookshop.

Digital Library

A digital library is an organized collection of catalogs and articles published in the Museum of Applied Art before 2000.

The user may be able to access and download full texts (scanned publications as PDF files) for educational and non-commercial purposes.