NC ICOM Serbia Annual Award for the year 2011

Awards of the National Committee of ICOM for the year 2011 were presented at the Annual Assembly of this international organisation of museums held on 19th April 2011 at the Gallery of Frescoes in Belgrade.
Commission for Awards (Olja Vasić, chairperson, Branislava Jordanović and Dr. Nenad Radić) unanimously decided that the annual award of the National Committee of ICOM Serbia for the year 2011 in the category Publication of the Year should go to “Applied Art and Belgrade 1918-1941” by Bojana Popović MA, museum councilor and curator at the Contemporary Applied Art Department of the Museum of Applied Art.
“Applied Art and Belgrade 1918-1941” is a publication issued by the Museum of Applied Art on the occasion of celebration of the Museum’s Day, on 6th November 2011. Its author B. Popović also staged the exhibition opened on the occasion. It lasted until 31st January 2012.

“Applied Art and Belgrade 1918-1941” by Bojana Popović MA is a scientific study (264 pages and 140 illustrations) containing comprehensive, very well documented and quite new researches in the between-the-wars applied art. The reviewer, Dr Milanka Todić emphasized that “what makes the entire study completely differ from any of the previously published papers on the between-the-two-world-wars applied art here is the fact that in this study the micro-historical and individual contributions were considered within the context of wider national but also European cultural discourse”. The author has analyzed the relation between the contemporaries and the applied art, discussed their prejudices, their aspirations towards establishing a national style and their acceptance of the European applied art.