Prague Quadrennial of stage design and stage space 2019 – Igor Koruga and Maja Pelević


Igor Koruga and Maja Pelević (authors and performers)


Igor Koruga and Maja Pelević (authors and performers)

01 Name of author/applicant:

Igor Koruga and Maja Pelević (authors and performers)

02 Role/category:

Total performance design

03 Project title:


04 Description (not exceeding 50 words):

Hopelessness deals with personal and media narratives that are forming our relationship with the world, in which all perspectives for struggle and change have been consumed. Instead of fabricating false possibilities of choice and simulating utopian perspectives, the authors are asking whether it is possible to affirmatively accept the state of hopelessness in which all chances for collective emancipation have been abolished. How to approach the continued ironizing of historical revolutions and the constant annihilation of the new ones? What if hopelessness is the only stable fact of the contemporary system? Is there a third way to face it, between utter despair and total surrender? And what happens when we finally run out of it?

05 Impressum (production, place, year, other authors of the team):

Station – Service for Contemporary Dance and Bitef Theatre, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia; dramaturgy: Ana Dubljević and Jasna Jasna Žmak; sound: Darja Janošević; music: Richard Wagner; scenography realisation: Ljubomir Radivojević; production: Ksenija Đurović, Ana Vuković and Ana Fotev; technical realisation: Ljubomir Radivojević, Dragan Đurković and Miroljub Vladić

06 Photography:

Vladimir Opsenica

07 Biography (not exceeding 100 words):

Igor Koruga deals with performing arts (dance and choreography). He is a member of the organisation Station – Service for Contemporary Dance from Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, and from Solo/Dance/Authorship Department, University of Arts and HZT (Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz) Dance Education Centre in Berlin. He has received the award of the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures, International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre (INFANT), European Association for the Education of Adults and National Organisation for Rare Diseases.

Maja Pelević graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and obtained her PhD Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She is a member of the New Drama Project. Her texts have been staged in the country and abroad. Apart from writing, she deals with direction and performance. She has received “Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz” Award, “Slobodan Selenić” Award and Sterija Award.