Dušan Janković (Niš, 1896 – Belgrade, 1950)

He studied architecture at the Belgrade Technical Faculty (1913), attended an engineering and architecture School of Public Works (1917–1918) and graduated from the Painting Department of the National School of Decorative Arts (1918–1921) in Paris.

In Paris, Janković built a successful career (1916–1935) while practising book design and illustration, graphic design, design and decoration of porcelain and ceramic items, interior and furniture design, textile, fashion, graphics and architecture. Having arrived in Belgrade, he devoted himself mainly to book design and illustration, while working at the National Printing House of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1935–1945), the publishing enterprise Novo pokolenje (1945–1948) and at Jugoslovenska knjiga (1948–1950). He was a part-time lecturer of applied graphics and decorative lettering at the Academy of Applied Arts (1948–1950).