Mihailo S. Petrov (Belgrade, 1902 – Belgrade, 1983)

He studied painting at the Royal Art School in Belgrade (1919–1921, 1923), the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1921), in Krakow (1923), and in Paris (1924–1925). He was one of the first associates of the most avant-garde magazines of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, namely Zenit, Dada Tank and Út. In 1925, he started following mainstream painting, socially engaged and applied graphics. He actively participated in Belgrade’s cultural events not only through his work in the Association of Fine Artists, but also by staging exhibitions and publishing reviews. In 1932, together with the painter Franjo Radočaj, he founded Pet-Rad – studio for applied graphics and advertising art. Graphics was also an area of his pedagogical work, first at the Academy of Fine Arts (1940–1951), and then at the Academy of Applied Arts (1951–1966).