The Collection of Furniture possesses about 900 artefacts dated back to the period between the end of the 13th century and the second decade of the 20th century. They represent the development of styles in furniture and different techniques of carpentry in both local and European applied art.

The objects carved in wood, horn and mother-of-pearl, including wood-carved and painted icons, are part of the collection by painter Ljuba Ivanović, and they represent the initial nucleus of the Collection of Furniture. Owing to an intensive purchasing policy and valuable gifts, the Collection was rapidly enlarged with artefacts classified in 49 collections and sub-collections, among which the most important are the following: collection of chests (15th–19th century), collection of cupboards (18th–19th century), collection of commodes (17th–19th century), collection of mirrors (18th–19th century), and collection of clocks (17th–19th century). Particularly precious is the sub-collection of 16 sun-dials, produced in Germany (Augsburg, Nuremberg) in the 17th and 18th century.

Curator: Ana Samardžić, Curator

Chair, Part of a Set

Dragutin Inkiostri Medenjak, Kingdom of Serbia, 1907
MAA inv. no. 4834


Italy, end of the 15th century, (Alpine-Lombard type)
MAA inv. no. 4375

Sun-dial, Pocket Watch

Jacob Karner, Germany, Nuremberg, around 1640
MAA inv. no. 350


17th century, (Louis XIII)
MAA inv. no. 16044


Northern Italy, end of the 17th century
MAA inv. no. 10194


Mid-18th century
MAA inv. no. 56


18th century
MAA inv. no. 1731

Sitnarka (Valuables Chest)

Ottoman Empire, Macedonia, 18th century
MAA inv. no. 42

Armchair, Part of a Set

Second half of the 19th century
MAA inv. no. 21380


Nadežda Petrović, Kingdom of Serbia, end of the 19th century
MAA inv. no. 4390