The idea of the Museum of Applied Art to organise children works exhibiton in the field of applied arts, was accepted during the Council in 1964, June the 5th with the participation of elementary school teachers of art education and history, on the museums and schools possible cooperation. The exhibition date is connected with Belgrade Liberation Day – the 20th of October, with the permanent title: Children‘s October Applied Art Salon.

Children‘s October Salon should have affirmed the presentation of the newly established educational forms, to enable the modern experience break, their acceptance and testing through school practice. Another motivation to establish the Salon was to attract young public that would turn into serious museum admirers.

This way the Children‘s October Applied Arts Salon became traditional museum show cherishing children applied art, influencing numerous young generations more than four decades. With exhibitions and creative programmes the young have embraced the art.

According to the words of Angelina Folgić-Korjak conducting the Children‘s October Applied Art Salon, numbers of the participants have increased since 1955 and the exhibition upgraded the quality, presentation and the catalogue graphic quality.

Selection of works

Bull figure

FPRJ, Serbia, Belgrade, 1959

Mother with a child figure

SFRJ, Serbia, Belgrade, 1963

Decorative panel “Helicopter”

SFRY, Serbia, Belgrade, 1976

Fur uncle Jova

SFRJ, Serbia, Belgrade, 1983

Dad shaving

SRY, Belgrade, 1998