The Collection of Metal and Jewellery was founded immediately upon the establishment of the Museum of Applied Art. The historical, as well as artistic and stylistic development of the items made of precious and non-precious metals in the territories of Serbia, Balkans, Europe, the Middle East from antique time to the 20th century can be followed through various and numerous objects. Items of sacral and secular purposes were examined and collected with equal attention so that the most complete collection of metal crosses, and the collection of European silverware comprising the items from the most famous European workshops, were formed over time. A special unit is an exceptional jewellery collection within which the collections of Serbian medieval rings and jewellery masterpieces of the European 19th century, stand out as particularly attractive. The Collection also preserves the objects made of precious materials – mother-of-pearl, ivory, precious stones, as part of the collection of antique gemstones and cameos, icons made of ivory, horn, and stone.

Curator: Mila Gajić, Senior Curator

Radul’s Ring

Serbia, Novo Brdo, late 14th century
MAA inv. no. 4407


Anatolia, Konya, second half of the 13th century
MAA inv. no. 5896

Handheld Cross

Herzegovina, late 16th century – early 17th century
MAA inv. no. 7022

Decorative Plate

Germany, first half of the 16th century
MAA inv. no. 6216


Peć, 16th century
MAA inv. no. 2908

Hunting Horn

France, early 17th century
MAA inv. no. 541

Table Centrepiece Bowl

Austro-Hungary, Vienna, second half of the 19th century
MAA inv. no. 23539


Germany, Munich, 1887
MAA inv. no. 9767


Germany, Hanau, third quarter of the 19th century
MAA inv. no. 11177

Travelling Sundial

England, London; France, Paris (mechanism), 1889/90
MAA inv. no. 22487