The Collection of Photography and Print Room numbers around 7,000 items which originate from the period between the 14th century and the 1930s. The basic fund of this Collection consists of the works created on paper using various techniques, whereas its key collections – manuscripts and printed books, photographs and postcards – were formed systematically so that they offer a complete picture of the development of the mass media and reproductive art techniques in Serbia. The Collection also keeps photo albums and photographic equipment, book illustration equipment, graphics, miniature portraits, drawings and icons. The manuscript <i>Belgrade Armorial II</i> and icon of <i>St. Demetrius</i> stand out as the artefacts of extraordinary cultural and artistic value, while the collection of oriental manuscripts, collection of photographs by Milan Jovanović and surrealist photographs, as well as collection of designs for utility objects drawn by Anastas Jovanović, one of the pioneers of Serbian applied art and design, stand out as artistically significant units.

Curator: Jelena Perać MA, Museum Advisor

Icon of St. Demetrius

Chilandar?, late 14th century – early 15th century
MAA inv. no. 1351

Belgrade Armorial II

Early 17th century, (one of the oldest copies of the lost list of of coats of arms originally created around 1590 for admiral Petar Grgurić Ohmučević; it marks the beginning of so-called Illyrian heraldry)
MAA inv. no. 9869


Copied by Muhammad b. Hasan Surgugizadah, Ottoman Empire, Sarajevo, 1067/1657
MAA inv. no. 1832

Stematography, the Design of Illyrian Coats of Arms

Hristofor Džefarović, Thomas Messmer, Habsburg Monarchy, Vienna, 1741
MAA inv. no. 16177

Design for a Samovar

Anastas Jovanović, Austrian Empire, Vienna, 1846–1858
MAA inv. no. 6439


Around 1850
MAA inv. no. 22273

Photo Album (Belonging to the family of Anastas Jovanović)

Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Vienna?. around 1880
MAA inv. no. 10106


Published by the bookstore of Velimir Valožić, drawing by: Vladislav Titelbah, Kingdom of Serbia, Belgrade, 1898
MAA inv. no. 23467

Portrait of Ana Lozanić

Milan Jovanović, Kingdom of Serbia, Belgrade, 1903–1904
MAA inv. no. 10919

The Arrested Flight of Surreality

Nikola Vučo, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, 1929, (a photograph published on the front cover of the almanac The Impossible)
MAA inv. no. 20212