The library of the Museum of Applied Art was established in 1950, along with the establishment of the Museum itself. The specialized library stock comprises 900 titles of local and international periodicals and 20,000 books, and it was built up through presentation, purchase, and exchange of the Museum of Applied Art publications with the publications of the related local and international institutions. Personal libraries presented by Verena Han and by Bojana Radojković, the art historians and former curators of the Museum, hold a special place within the stock. Along with the electronic catalogue, the library has authors’, cross-, and thematic catalogues in paper form. Digital library of the Museum of Applied Art, which was initiated in 2016, makes the Museum publications prior to 2000 available to its users. The publishing activity of the Museum goes hand in hand with the activities of the library. The library is open to public.

In charge of the Library: Marina Rakić, Art Historian and Librarian