Work in progress.....

27 March - 30 April 2008

The exhibition’s curator is Ljiljana Miletić Abramović. M.A., Museum’s Architecture Department.
Tel: +381 11 2631 572

The Museum of Applied Art is organising the 30th Salon of Architecture this year under the slogan Work in progress….adiabatic invariant…. see the visible.… associating of something being repaired, changed in a positive direction, signalling novelties and a new potential in individuals, authors and the architectural profession as a whole.

Of the 220 entries received the jury (Z. Lazović, Ž. Gligorijević, V. Milenković, V. Mitrović and J. Pilasanović) selected 140 works, of which 110 are competing for awards,  while students’ and competition designs not eligible. The entire Salon is a reflection of a high-quality domestic production consisting both of realised projects and competition entries. Enhanced standardisation and an elevated quality can be felt throughout the exhibition.  The works are characterised by a high level of harmony, particularly in the large number of executed projects.

Architects of all generations are represented, which gives the Salon a special professional quality and seriousness and justifies the high reputation it enjoys both in the profession and in the general public. The elite of Serbian architecture are present (B. Mitrović, S. Krunić, M. and D. Marušić, M. Musić, P. Cagić…) as are representatives of the middle-aged and younger generations (R. and J. Sarić, Z. Abadić, Đ. Gec, J. Ivanović Vojvodić, the ‘Neo-arhitekti’ (Vesnić, Milenković, Stratimirović, Nešić, Bulatović….). Also present are a number of foreign-based Serbian architects: V. Nikolić and M. Doering – Germany, the ‘Enota’ team and A. Kalamar – Slovenia, B. Tošković – Finland, M. Bratuša, Ireland, another contribution to the diversity and richness of the Salon’s offer.

The Salon has an accompanying programme focusing on a project to revive the pre-war Old Fairgrounds on the left bank of the river Sava. Besides a historical exhibition, students of the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Faculty of Applied Arts will have workshops in the form of an exhibition, a theatrical performance, discussions…

Like every year the Salon’s Grand Prix will be awarded, as well as prizes in the following categories: architecture, urban planning, interior design and publications.

“Architecture is an optimistic profession because it builds up the future.” (Daniel Libeskind)