29 March - 30 April 2017

The Salon of Architecture is a manifestation that, in addition to its competitive part, always prepares a rich accompanying programme with interesting topics relevant to contemporary architecture, and gives a chance to students and interested visitors to exchange their experience within experimental and educational workshops, panel discussions and lectures.

We would like to emphasise that the set of accompanying exhibitions, which will be opened concurrently with the Salon’s main programme, is dedicated to the history of Belgrade architecture: “Architecture of Academicism – Milutin Borisavljević and Dimitrije M. Leko” as well as “Building the City  a Distant View in Close Proximity onto the Blocks 1 and 2 in New Belgrade”.

The closing stage of the Salon will also include the event named “To Professor, with Love” which marks the 120th birth anniversary and the 50th death anniversary of Nikola Dobrović.

In the course of the Salon, the panel discussion named “Point of Support” related to the significance of the figure and work of Aleksej Brkić shall also be organised. As for the current topics, planned is the conversation on the phenomenon of competition and competition results in Serbia.

For the first time, the Salon has opened a separate competition for the additional accompanying programme, which was established by the Salon Council last year and which refers to the following: thematic panel discussions, thematic seminars, thematic lectures, thematic workshops, and similar adequate formats for the presentation of affirmative ideas, opinions and actions. The competition will be open until 4th April, 2017, and the selected projects will be presented on a daily basis during the last week of April.

The student programmes are present at the already traditional manifestation “Pre-Salon” through an array of workshops created by cooperation among the Faculty of Applied Arts from Belgrade, the Faculty of Architecture from Belgrade and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture from Niš (29. 03 – 8. 4. 2017).

The student exhibition “(R) Urban Gardens”, which deals with “living in the city while growing fruits and vegetables”, is envisaged for the second part of April and it will last until the end of the Salon of Architecture.

Detailed information regarding the programme of the 39th Salon of Architecture will be available in good time via the website of the Museum of Applied Art, www.mpu.rs.