Exhibition of Modern Nordic Glass

09 February - 15 March 2017

Ceremonial Opening: Thursday, 9 February 2017 at 19:00

The Exhibition will be opened by: Pertti Ikonen, Ambassador of Finland and Jan Lundin, Ambassador of Sweden

Author of the exhibition: Lada Ratković Bukovčan, museum advisor, Mimara Museum

Graphic design: Korana Jelovac

Curator of the exhibition: Milica Cukić, MAA

Organisers: Embassy of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Museum of Applied Art Belgrade

The exhibition of the modern Nordic glass, “A Touch of Glass”, will be on display at the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, in cooperation with the Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. A total of 80 glass items will be exhibited, promoting Nordic design and glass factories, and at the same time showcasing the example of successful Nordic cooperation in all spheres.

The items are produced in 13 famous glass factories and design studios, under the guidance of some of the best Nordic artists, architects and designers.

From Denmark, the exhibition will show the works of Holmegaard, Architectmade and Lene Bjerre glass factories; Iittala and Lasismi glass works, as well as Gallery Mafka & Alakoski (producing its items in a famous Riihimäki factory) all come from Finland; Hadeland, Gjøvik and Magnor glass factories, as well as studio Nøstetangen Glass are from Norway; and finally, Målerås, Skrufs and Nybro glass factories represent Sweden.

The general sponsors of the exhibition are Wiener Städtische and I&F McCann Grupa, while other friends are Tikveš Winery, EuroCons Group, Elopak, Finlandia, Volvo, SpotCooler, Q-Free, Tetra Pak, Ericsson, Masferg Agro, Securitas, Novo Nordisk, Peter Justesen, Medicon, Iittala, Fosdalen, Velux and Norway House.


design: Jørn Utzon, 1973
production: Architectmade (after 2007)

"The Design with Light" Collection (pot)

design: Maria Berntsen, 2014
production: Holmegaard, Denmark

"Aalto vase", salmon pink

design: Alvar Aalto, 1936
production: Iittala, Finland

"Finally together", blue jar, unique

design: glass artist: Marja Hepo-aho
production: Gallery Mafka&Alakoski

Ice Canldeholder

design: Maud Gj. Bugge, early 1980s
production: Hadeland Glassverk, Norway

"Skog lamps" (3 pcs)

design: Caroline Olsson
production: Magnor Glassverk, Norway

"MASQ jőrgen"

design: Mats Jonasson, 2014
production: Mǻlerǻs Glasbruk, Sweden

Carafe with a little „ball”

design: Ingegerd Råman, 1990
production: Skrufs Glasbruk, Sweden