11 - 30 May 2015

During the exhibition “Bags”, visitors of the Museum of Applied Art have the unique opportunity to see chosen items from the art collection of the MONA fashion house.

Bag as Art

Created in 1989 in a small workshop of a newly established fashion house, MONA Bag has developed over time and has earned the epithet of a Serbian classic product. The rest is history that has lasted for twenty-six years. Since then, until today, millions of women and men have worn MONA’s bags.

Through the tendency of preserving and cherishing tradition, MONA Bag tracks developments over time with reference to the current fashion trends. The durability and distinctiveness of MONA’s bags are also reflected in modern manufacturing methods and the creative energy of MONA’s design team.

Made from leather of the highest quality, using the finest workmanship, MONA’s bags of modern forms and designs offer exclusivity, luxury and fashionabilty. With their timles designs, fashionable colors and cheering prints, they will infuse every outfit with a spirit of boldness and make every person wearing them –an icon of style!