Exhibition of works by the Department of Design students, Department of Art and Design BAPUSS

16 - 26 March 2023

DESIGN SPACE - Exhibition of works by the Department of Design students, Department of Art and Design BAPUSS

Exhibition opening: Thursday, 16 March 2023 at 7 pm

Exhibition commissioner:

Zorica Čobanović, M.A.

Sonja Vlahović,

Exhibition authors:

The authors of the exhibition scene area: Year 3 students of the Department of Interior Design

Аleksa Todorović, Hana Nuhanović, Uroš Bojić, Selena Vunjerović, Nastasja Jovičić

Мentor: Zorica Čobanović, MA,

Graphic design: the Year 3 students of the Department of Graphic Design

Аndrea Tijanić, Еna Knežević, Аna Оgnjenović

Мentor: Sonja Vlahović

Exhibition Coordination: Мilica Cukić, MAA adviser


The concept of the exhibition is based on the premise that in the 21st century, all spaces where people live are consciously or unconsciously designed spaces.

Private, virtual or public, each individual’s space is defined by a different affirmative and representative framework.

Spatially, this content concept is reflected through the redistribution of the museum gallery space into four seemingly separate units, four different segments of life whose different visual identities intertwine. Student works communicate with the external sacred language of various visual models through a variety of subject contents.

The exhibition focuses on design as an integrating and ubiquitous element of different spaces and their users. Its role goes beyond the aspects of art as it becomes an instrument of communication and interaction at the level of all segments of life.

Through four seemingly separate units, the installation leads the viewer from the exterior and public to the private and interior space using communicative visual models whose different identities intertwine and permeate in constant continuity.

The Belgrade Academy of Business and Art Vocational Studies is the successor of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, with a tradition of education in the fields of art and design spanning more than 30 years. The Design Department within the Art and Design division of BAPUSS has two undergraduate study programs – Graphic and Interior Design and a Master’s Design program with two modules – Brand Design and Spatial Design.