Fakulteta primenjenih umetnosti u Beogradu

08 - 30 July 2010

Exhibition coordinator: Marko Lađušić, professor at FAA
Exhibition design: Tijana Sekulić, professor at FAA
Most successful works of about hundred of final year students at the Faculty of Applied Art in Belgrade will be displayed at the exhibition Diploma 2010.

All the ten specialised courses and eight ateliers of FAA will be represented at the exhibition:

  • Wall painting
  • Applied sculpture
  • Interior design
  • Applied graphics (Graphics and books, Graphic design, Photograph)
  • Set design
  • Costume (Modern dress; Theatre Costume)
  • Textile
  • Ceramics
  • Industrial design
  • Conservation and restoration (Conservation and restoration of paintings; Conservation and restoration of sculptures; Conservation and restoration of paper art works).

In the catalogue Dr. I. K. Novović, assistant professor at FAA wrote:

“Works we are to view at the exhibition Diploma 2010 make us convinced that young artists use different means to express themselves and still do not accept l’art pour l’art principles but approach art as an agent of enhance the environment they live in and as instrument fostering the taste of the audience. They harbour clear vision of their place in contemporary artistic life”.

The exhibition Diploma has become traditional and this time once again it will corroborate our belief that students are not only passive receivers of knowledge but creative individuals who with huge energy they have transfer their skills into works of art only part of which will be represented at the Museum of Applied Art.

Aleksandra Stošić

Jelena Jolović

Dragana Petkov

Jelena Stevanović

Zorana Vukotić

Đorđe Skrobić

Ivan Marković

Marina Stanković

Marko Stanković i Katarina Pavlović

Milica Vukadinović

Mina Piščević

Nada Serafimović

Nina Vujasin

Marija Stanković

Jovana Cavorović

Sandra Đukić

Sanja Grbić

Magdalena Vlajić

Stevan Kostić

Dragana Miosavljević

Miona Stefanović

Vanja Valencak

Vladimir Matic Kuriljov

Sandra Prodanović

Marta Đekić