DIPLOMA 2020/21

DIPLOMA 2020/21

Exhibition of the fourth-year students of undergraduate academic studies of the Faculty of Applied Arts

09 - 30 July 2021

DIPLOMA 2020/21 - Exhibition of the fourth-year students of undergraduate academic studies of the Faculty of Applied Arts

Opening ceremony: Friday, 9th July, at 7 p.m., MAA

Exhibition commissioner: Vladimir Zagorac, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts

Exhibition architect: Bilјana Branković, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts

Organised by: Museum of Applied Art and Faculty of Applied Arts


After the last, lost year marked by Covid-19 pandemic, the Museum of Applied Art once again heartily presents the graduate students of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. The exhibition Diploma 2021 will present 73rd generation of this Belgrade art faculty. The exhibition aims at presenting the level and quality of the work achieved by the students and their professors in the course of the four-year-long academic studies.

All of the three study programmes, including all of their related modules, will be present at the exhibition:

  • Applied Arts: (Applied Painting, Applied Sculpting, Ceramics, Stage Costume, Scenography, Fashion Design, Printmaking and Book Design, Photography, Animation).
  • Design: (Graphic Design, Interior and Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Textile).
  • Conservation and Restoration: (Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Art on Paper; Conservation and Restoration of Sculptures and Archaeological Objects).

“Ahead of us lie – the boldness of questioning, unusual visual transformations, individual talent, and brave advancement in team work and cooperation. Ahead of us also lies the process of combining art with science, technology, theory, and history to refresh the old and introduce the new methods, materials, and media into the processes of creation, preservation, communication, and incorporation of art into the most diverse aspects of human existence”, points out Milica Perić, an art historian, in the exhibition catalogue.

“The Faculty has always had responsibility to simultaneously nourish and develop both tradition and innovation, and to use a laboratory, such as academic community, where experience, ideas, and talents are being exchanged, to create a stronghold that will both unleash and direct the energy of young people towards diving deep into themselves and their social environment, and using their creativity to explore and overstep the established boundaries, and get to know and transform the existing values while producing the new ones.”

Photographs from the Opening Ceremony

You can see the photos from the opening ceremony on the FPUGALERIJA webpage: