Exhibition of Wolfgang Thaler’s authorial photographs from the book Dobrović in Dubrovnik

22 February - 15 March 2017

Exhibition, promotion of the book and conversation

Opening of the exhibition, promotion of the book Dobrović in Dubrovnik and conversation with authors Krunoslav Ivanišin, Wolfgang Thaler and Ljiljana Blagojević.

Moderator of the conversation is Snežana Ristić.

Exhibition Curator: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, Museum Advisor and Acting Director of MAA.

Source: Museum of Applied Art.

The exhibition Dobrović in Dubrovnik is organized at the Museum of Applied Art to mark the 120th birth anniversary and the 50th death anniversary of the architect Nikola Dobrović (12th February, 1897 – 11th January, 1967), one of the most significant architects of the Serbian and Yugoslav architecture of the 20th century. The exhibition will present Nikola Dobrović’s works created in Dubrovnik in the period from 1934 to 1943. It is the so-called N. Dobrović’s Dubrovnik period, an array of facilities constructed on the Dubrovnik Riviera, which marked the breakthrough of modernism in this part of the Adriatic coast. These are the following: the “Grand” Hotel on the Island of Lopud, Villa “Rusalka”, Villa “Adonis”, a villa in Srebreno, Villa “Vesna” on the Island of Lopud, a villa in a bay near Dubrovnik, regulation of the city area of “Ploče” and adaptation of the “Divona” Palace in Dubrovnik.

The very exhibition is based on the photographs, drawings and documentary material which were created in the course of the preparation of the book bearing the same title Dobrović in Dubrovnik by the team of authors, Krunoslav Ivanišin, Wolfgang Thaler and Ljiljana Blagojević, who gathered together to realise this important project. The exhibition will display 35 Wolfgang Thaler’s authorial photographs from the book Dobrović in Dubrovnik.

The exhibition and conversation about the book represent a tribute to and reminiscence of Nikola

Dobrović, his personality, his influence and his very work. Dobrović’s contribution was extremely important in the process of forming and founding of the Serbian and Yugoslav modern architecture, as well as in the forming of generations of Serbian architects.

Through the exhibition Dobrović in Dubrovnik the Museum of Applied Art announces this year’s Salon of Architecture, its traditional event dedicated to architecture (since 1974). A special thematic part dedicated to the marking of the anniversaries of architect Nikola Dobrović will also be organized within the Salon’s Accompanying Programme.

Leaflet of the exhibition

You can download Dobrović in Dubrovnik – Leaflet of the exhibition (PDF 3.7 MB), Serbian language

Selection of works

Villa Adonis, Dubrovnik

(photo Wolfgang Thaler, 2010)

Hotel Grand, Lopud

(photo Wolfgang Thaler, 2010)

Photographs from the opening ceremony

Author of the photographs: Veselin Milunović