Exposition of the tapestries of Olivera Ninčić

Exposition of the tapestries of Olivera Ninčić

03 - 26 June 2004

Museum of Applied Art

Programme coordinator: Bojana Popović MA, Senior Curator


MANNA, 2004.


Olivera Ninčić is a renowned artist in tapestry, author of two independent exhibitions (in 1991, Tapestry , the Salon of the Museum of Applied Arts in Beograd; and, in 1992,  Tapestry , in the Gallery “Nadežda Petrović” in the town of Čačak; also, in 1985, author of the happening Widows in the Museum of modern art, Beograd). She participated in some fifteen collective exhibitions of the art of textile in Serbia and abroad. She got her M.A. title at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Beograd in 1985, where she is teaching now at the Department of textiles. She is a member of the Serbian ULUPUDS artistic association.

The works comprising this exhibition are now being shown in public for the first time (all except one), and are a research of the relationship between materials non-typical for textile, and textile technique in a broad meaning. Tying up, rolling into a wick, rolling up, entangling, making nooses and enveloping them in thread – those are human activities with multiple meanings, applicable always and everywhere. You can build a house with them; or a career, a status in society, or textile, as Olivera Ninčić does in her unique and original way.

The moving force of the researches of Olivera Ninčić are words, certain words that, in Serbian and in other languages, have a meaning as a textile technique or procedure, but in everyday speech may also mean, or indicate, quite other things. The textile techniques that she uses are a normal and practical part of other spheres of life, beyond the world of textiles. The concept of the works of Olivera Ninčić arises from the thinking about such relationships, allowing us to see the creations whose structure, relief, and voluminosity, expressed by limited means, affect the observer strongly.