Collective Hungarian Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition

25 November - 09 December 2022

GLASS ART NOW: Collective Hungarian Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition

Exhibition opening: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2022 AT 7 PM

The exhibition will be opened by Biljana Jotic acting director of the Museum of Applied Art, Eszter Bohus, Founder of Bohus-Lugossy Foundation and Jelena Popovic senior curator of Museum of Applied Art In the presence of the First Counselor of the Embassy of Hungary Mrs. Klára Szentgyörgyi

Patron of the exhibition: Dr. Tibor Navracsics, Minister for Regional Development Prime Minister’s Office


The exhibition of contemporary Hungarian glass, Glass Art Now, was realized as part of the cooperation of the Museum of Applied Arts (MPU) with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation from Hungary and the Hungarian Cultural Centre from Belgrade. Marking the International Year of Glass, declared by a special resolution of the United Nations, the Museum of Applied Arts has launched a series of different programs that focus on glass and its different aspects. This international cooperation is part of the accompanying program of the exhibition On the Glass Road: The Art of Glass in the Representation of Serbia (1850-1950), curated by Biljana Crvenkovic, but also of a wider project that MPU is implementing in cooperation with ICOM Serbia and the Museum of Science and Technology from Belgrade. The celebration of the International Year of Glass encourages institutions and experts to interpret and present different contexts of glass as a material through networking and knowledge exchange.

The Glass Art Now exhibition by the group of authors provides an insight into contemporary Hungarian glassmaking with the aim of encouraging and problematizing the current state of this discipline, which is almost disappearing in Serbia. The exhibition offers an overview of contemporary glassmaking in Hungary through the confrontation of different author’s approaches, methods and styles, all with the aim of presenting the unfathomable possibilities of glass as a material.

The Glass Art Now exhibition represents the first step in cooperation with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation and the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Serbia. It opens a dialogue on the topic of the development of glassmaking and is a real incentive for future joint cooperation in every sense.

The exhibition was supported by:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary,
  • Collegium Hungaricum, Belgrade,
  • Ministry of Culture and Innovation of Hungary,
  • Bohus-Lugossy Foundation,
  • International Year of Glass Committee (IYOG 2022),
  • National Cooperation Fund of Hungary.



Author of the photographs: Jovana Jarebica