Guest Exhibition of Artistic Glass

05 - 29 June 2019

GLASSMOVEMENT - Guest Exhibition of Artistic Glass

Opening ceremony: Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 19:00

Exhibition Author: Lubomir Ferko

Exhibition Curator: Milica Cukić, Museum Advisor

Exhibition organised with the support of the Embassy of Slovakia in Belgrade and the Novohrad Museum and Gallery, Lučenec

Glassmovement, a guest exhibition of artistic glass that is to be held in the Museum of Applied Art from 5th to 29th June 2019, was created on the initiative of Lubomir Ferko, a glass artist and a member of the Association of Slovak Glass Artists, ASGA.

The exhibition Glassmovement is aimed at stressing the fact that artists had contributed, in an avant-garde manner, to cultural unity even before the major European political changes and the related local events took place, achieving unexpected results while representing Slovakia. The Belgrade guest exhibition is aimed at clarifying that Slovakia was not a “white spot” on the map of global artistic glass manufacture scene, and it is a gift to all those interested in glass art.

From the viewpoint of an art historian, the history of glass production and processing in Slovakia has several significant stages. Following the pioneer period, which involved foundation of glass shops, factories and communities, as well as their positioning on the national and international markets, the glass industry and, particularly, glass artists in the Slovak Republic became more visible in the second half of the 20th century.

Even though the first glass symposium in Slovakia was organised in 1990, by 1999 there were ten of them in total. The period of the 1990 political changes was marked by increased creativity, as well as intensified cultural activities. Over a hundred artists, who participated in the symposia and often included prominent international authors, contributed to the renaissance of applied and visual arts in Slovakia. Thanks to that, a powerful tradition of glass symposia was established in Slovakia, with many of these still making up a significant part of the activities of the artistic community.

What has resulted from the symposia?

The most obvious review of the results of every symposium was the accompanying exhibition. The scope and presence of authors and their works at glass exhibitions differed, as did their presentation concepts. In addition to artists coming from the neighbouring countries, Slovakia was also visited by the artists from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria, and other countries. In the course of the ten organised symposia, the result of which are the exhibited works, a huge number of pieces was created, characterising the entire spectrum of this stage in development of artistic glass.

The list of participants at the glass exhibition Glassmovement:

Thierry BAUDRY /Fr/, Ladislav ČERBA /Sk-Hu/, Dorothé Van DRIEL /Nl/, Karol DREXLER /Sk/, Bohumil ELIÁŠ /Cz/, Lubomír FERKO /Sk/, Eva Fišerová /Sk/, Pattantyus GERGELY /Hu/, Mária HAJNOVÁ /Sk/, Annaleena HAKATIE /Fin/, Frank Van HAM /Nl/, Pavol HLOŠKA/Sk/, Ede HORTON /Aus/, Helmut HUNDSTORFER /Aus/, Fero KOVÁČ /Sk/, Andrej JAKAB /Sk/, Yves JUMEAU/Fr/, Ivica MARKOVIČOVÁ/Sk/,Veronique MONOD/Fr/, Richard MEITNER /USA-Nl/, Stano MELIŠ /Sk-Aus/, Mari MÉSZAROS /Hu-Nl/, Jan MÝTNY/Sk/, Marta MLÍCHOVÁ /Sk/, Viktor ORAVEC/Sk/, Marina PAPAIS /Can/, Drahoš PRIHEL /Sk/, Graham SCOTT /Can/, Juraj STEINHÜBEL /Sk//, Gerard TORCHEUX /FR/, Rick Harry TUN /CAN/, Jozef VACHÁLEK /SK/, Catherine ZORIČÁK /Fr/, Ján ZORIČÁK /Sk-Fr/

Selection of works

Lubomír FERKO /Sk/

Pattantyus GERGELY /Hu/

Mária HAJNOVÁ /Sk/

Yves JUMEAU /Fr/


Veronique MONOD /Fr/

Frank Van HAM /Nl/

Photographs from the Opening Ceremony

Author of the photographs: Veselin Milunović