MajdanArt 2001 - 2003

MajdanArt 2001 - 2003

An exhibition of jewellery by the participants of the International Symposium of Goldsmithing in Majdanpek , Serbia .

22 April - 12 May 2004

Museum of Applied Art , in cooperation with Modni Studio (Fashion Studio) CLICK,
within the Belgrade Fashion Week, presents to you a thematic program devoted to modern design of jewellery.

Programme coordinator: Irena Šentevska

This International Symposium of Goldsmithing, MajdanArt , has been held for three consecutive years now, in Serbia , in the gold-mining town Majdanpek, the largest (in this part of Europe ) industrial complex devoted to the design and technology of processing of noble metals.

The fans and buyers of artistically shaped jewellery had ample reason to expect a project like this to be started in Majdanpek: the town has obvious creative potential for such work, but, also, the “Zlatara Majdanpek” company has high technological, organizational, and material possibilities for this.

“MajdanArt” is organized jointly by “Zlatara Majdanpek”, Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade , Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade , Cultural Center Majdanpek, NGO “ Udruženje za Majdanpek” and the Institute for Copper in the mining town of Bor , under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and, also, Ministry of Science, Technology and Development, of the Republic of Serbia .

The exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade is a selection of works of previous participants in MajdanArt, who were from France , Poland , Israel , Bulgaria , Romania , Macedonia , Slovenia , and Serbia and Montenegro .


Best comment about the cooperation between the Museum of Applied Art and the Fashion Week, as organized by Fashion Studio CLICK, is the statement by Ms Ivanka Zorić, director of the Museum.


One of the most interesting phenomena of the contemporary applied art is fashion. Therefore it is no wonder that fashion has entered, through the great front gates, all the important museums in the world. The Museum of Applied Art , as an institution that ought to follow the modern fashion design, naturally needs to cooperate with all those who participate in the creation of modern Serbian fashion scene. The Museum will gradually take more and more part in the programs of Fashion Week, initially supporting it by accepting part of those into the museum space, but hoping, in time, to create our own program, the Museum’s program, that would contribute to the affirmation of Belgrade fashion scene and, at the same time, include a certain educational message.”