Motives of Pre-Columbian Peru

Motives of Pre-Columbian Peru

19 January - 19 February 2009

Exhibition coordinator: Dejan Sandić, International Cooperation Curator

Under the auspices of
Energoprojekt (Energoprojekt Holding, Energoprojekt Niskogradnja, Energoprojekt Inženjering i Energoprojekt Oprema)

Supported by
Embassy of Peru, Bucharest

Achievements of the Chavin civilization (1200. until 200. BC), Paracas (1100. until 200. BC), Mochica (society developed in the coastal region of the North Peru from 200. BC until 700 AD), Nazca (in the coastal region of South Peru), Wari (750. until1100. AD with the of the regionalism of the previous cultures and start of the unification character of Inca civilization), Chimu (region in the North Peru from 1000. until 1450. AD), ending with the Inca civilization, represent extremely important event in the mankind history.

On this exclusive exhibition in Belgrade, visitors will be able to learn more about the most significant accomplishments of above mentioned civilizations through presented objects from the field of archeological ceramics – ritual pottery, with Pre-Columbian textiles of ritual, ceremonial and burial character, metal works from gold and silver.


Viru Culture, Chao Inciso

Vessel, depicting a monkey

Salinar Culture (Mochica)


Nazca Culture, South shore

Texstile fragment, clothing

Mochica Culture I

Golden idol -Tumi

Huari Culture