29 March - 30 April 2016

Salon curator and catalogue editor:
Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, MA, Curator at the Architecture Department and Acting Director of the Museum of Applied Art
Organized by:
Museum of Applied Art


“Open“ is the motto of the 38th Salon of Architecture which will be held at the Museum of Applied Art in its traditional spring period, from 29th March until 30th April, 2016. As in previous years, this top-notch architectural event will gather a number of architects from Serbia and abroad in the Museum galleries.

The question “What are we witnessing?” represents the basis of this year’s Salon topic. The intention of the Salon Council is to raise public awareness about the issue of pressure placed upon the world of architecture, which results in general disorientation, conformism, particularism, anarchism and nihilism of profession. The adjective “open” – talking openly, honestly and clearly about architectural issues, is used with the intention of articulating an affirmative criticism of the current state, in favour of opening a new perspective to the world of architecture. After last year’s topic of “Affirmation”, the Council wishes that, this time, once again, the Salon of Architecture, as the most important event in the field of architecture in Serbia, took significant public participation in articulating the affirmative opinion on the world of architecture.

The jury of the 38th Salon of Architecture, consisting of the distinguished national and international experts: Milan Vujović, Miodrag Mitrašinović, Natalija Ristanović, Branko Stanojević and Tatjana Stratimirović, will award the Grand Prix and other prizes in the following categories: architecture, urbanism, interior design, publications, experiment and research, guest of the Salon, architectural critique and architectural photography. Out of 230 works received during the open call, 109 works have been selected for exhibiting while 83 of them will be eligible for awards.

The members of the Council of the 38th Salon of Architecture are also renowned authors and experts in the field of architecture: Aleksandru Vuja, Aleksandar Bobić, Dejan Miletić and Ljiljana Miletić Abramović.

Additional dynamics and topicality will be brought by the Salon of Architecture accompanying programme entitled “Open for”. It will present a large number of guests from Serbia and abroad as well as numerous topics relevant to contemporary architecture. Students and other interested visitors will have the opportunity to directly participate in the exhibitions, experimental and educational workshops, panel discussions and lectures.

Within the 38th Salon of Architecture, the Museum of Applied Art, along with the architects gathered around the Salon of Architecture, will organise a charity dinner known as “Delicious Monday” for kids staying in children’s clinics at Cultural Centre Grad on 18th April, 2016. This humanitarian activity is aimed at supporting and enhancing the project “Clown Doctors” by which laughter therapy has been successfully carried out at eight Belgrade children’s clinics and beyond ever since 2003.

Detailed information regarding the events of the 38th Salon of Architecture follow-up programme will be available in good time via the website of the Museum of Applied Art.