Pushing the Boundaries 3

Pushing the Boundaries 3

28 December 2016 - 24 January 2017

Authors of the concept (exhibition/workshops/lectures): Maja Gecić and Snežana Pešić – Rančić
Organization of the exhibition: Maja Gecić and Marina Kocareva Ranisavljev
The exhibition Pushing the boundaries, for the third time, presents works of the artist that in different ways explore possibilities of textiles and related media. Initiators and authors of the concept are Maja Gecić and Snežana Rančić Pešić, members of the Textile and Contemporary Clothing Section of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS). The first exhibition, held in 2014, gave a strong initiative to the contemporary scene in Serbia. Last year, the artists from the region were presented and this year besides authors from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia are works from Finland, Poland, Latvia and USA.

“We can perceive the correlation of the exhibited works, of 26 artists, with the current time and space through an entire range of themes and aspects which fall under the commonplace, yet obligating title of «pushing the boundaries».” points out, Ljubica Jelisavac Katic, the author of the catalogue foreword, and that while observing and interpreting presented artworks the audience will be introduced “to contemporary philosophic thought, biological and anthropological theories, certain postulates of psychology, genetics, market economy, marketing, art theory.”

The exhibition features artworks of the artists:

  • Antra Augustinovica (Latvia)
  • Ivana Bakal (Croatia)
  • Panos Balomenos (Finland/Greece)
  • Ibrahim Bedi, (Macedonia)
  • Anna Maria Brandys (Poland)
  • Nenad Burnić (Serbia)
  • Lila Vuković (Serbia)
  • Željana Vukojčić Jović (Serbia)
  • Marija Vukosavljević (Serbia)
  • Rai Gold (USA)
  • April Dausha (USA)
  • Daliborka Đurić (Serbia)
  • Magdalena Kleszyńska (Poland)
  • Rolands Krutovs (Latvia)
  • Dragana Kuprešanin (Serbia)
  • Liljana Majkić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Anđela Mujčić (Serbia)
  • Ana Peregi (Serbia)
  • Arpad Pulai (Serbia)
  • Nikola Radosavljević (Serbia)
  • Sanev Hristjan (Macedonia)
  • Snežana Skoko (Serbia)
  • Zlatko Cvetković (Serbia)
  • Ana Cicović (Serbia)
  • Ana Cvijanović (Serbia)
  • Snežana Čomor (Serbia)

The exhibition is accompanied by enriching programs: art workshops for students, as well as lectures followed by panel discussions that are organized by members of the Theory, Critique and History of Applied Art Section of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) with interesting themes dedicated to historic and contemporary interpretations of textile art. The speakers are: Zoja Bojić, Mirjana Gligorijević Maksimović, Vesna Lakićević Pavićević, Ana Mihailović, Čedomila Marinković, Marina Martić, Jelena Pavićević, Svetlana Jovičić.

The artists for the show “Pushing the Boundaries” were juried and also invited. The jurors for the awards are: Bojana Popović, curator of the Museum, Maja Tucaković, art jurnalist and Snežana Pešić-Rančić, artist.

Project is supported by the Museum of Applied Arts, The City Secretariat of Belgrade, College of Textile Design, Technology and Management. Special Thanks to the employees of the Museum of Applied Arts and Marko Lađušić.

April Dausha

Custody of the tongue (Veiling)

Arpad Pulai


Daliborka Đurić

Good afternoon! please, meet my animes

Panos Balomenos

The artist’s wife

Snežana Čomor