15 March - 17 April 2005

The Jury of the 27th Salon of Architecture
consisting of:

Prof. Petar Arsić , arch.
Prof. Darko Marušić , arch.
Mustafa Musić , arch.
Zoran Radojičić , arch.
Prof. Mihailo Timotijević , arch.

has awarded the following Grand Prix and certificates of merit:

Certificate of Merit – category: “Architecture-completed projects”

to Blagota Pešić
for the Pejović Family House on Mt. Povlen, near Valjevo

Attributes of authenticity and harmony between architecture and nature, an unusual complex of modernity and tradition, an ascetically formed warmth of a home with views each presenting a different vista of the surrounding area

Certificate of Merit – category: “Architecture-completed projects”

to Jovan Sarić and Ružica Sarić
for the Residential Building in Podgorica

A high-quality concept expressed through suggestive simplicity of neo-modernism while respecting the natural and cultural heritage of the milieu

Certificate of Merit – category: “Architecture-completed projects”

to Jugoslav Janjić, Nebojša Jeremić, Goranka Trivanović and Radovan Šterić
for the “Cash & Carry TEMPO” building at Viline Vode, Belgrade

For high-quality and exemplary conceptual design attitude to programme, function, construction, and form of large and increasingly topical commercial facilities

Certificate of Merit – category: “Interior Design”

to Goran Vojvodić and Grozdana Šišović
for the “Showroom EPM” interior design executed in Kneza Miloša Street, Belgrade

For exemplary design qualities based on a concept of dematerialising constructive elements of the space with the aim of emphasising the atmosphere of the premises rather than its boundaries.

Certificate of Merit – category: “Publishing”

to Slobodan Maldini
for the two-volume “Encyclopaedia of Architecture” with about 30,000 entries on over 1,600 pages

For an exceptional and unique contribution to the theory of architecture and interpretation of its complex nature, especially as it is the fruit of the labour of a single author

Certificate of Merit – category: “Architectural Heritage”

to Ranko Tomić
for the Lodgings of the St. Archangel Monastery near Prizren

For contributing to the complex reconstruction of an important object of architectural heritage and its affirmations as an integral part of the European cultural heritage

Certificate of Merit – category: “Competition projects”

to Snežana Vesnić, Vladimir Milenković, Tatjana Stratimirović, Srđan Marlović and Miloš Mirosavić
for the Archaeology Park project in Hagar Qim & Mnajdra, Malta

For a high level of harmony between philosophically conceived idea and poetically interpreted form in a project aimed at preserving the remains of 5,000-year-old megalithic temples

Certificate of Merit – category: ”Urbanism”

to Sonja Radović
for the Urban and Ambient Re-Qualification of the River Morača in Central Podgorica

For a contribution by this project to the investigation of creative proposals of characterisation and integration of urban public spaces in sensitive urban river bank milieus.