The Dimension of Plane – Communication Design in Germany

The Dimension of Plane – Communication Design in Germany

21 January - 12 February 2010

Exhibition coordinator: Dejan Sandić, International Cooperation Curator
Years-long successful cooperation between the Museum of Applied Art and Goethe Institut in Belgrade continues with this exhibition which offers complex and systematic insight into diversified field of bi-dimensional visual communication in Germany at the beginning of the twenty first century.

Goethe Institut and German Council for Design, when preparations for this project started, invited five German eminent experts from different fields of communication design to make a selection of relevant authors and most interesting works accomplished in Germany in the last decade.

Five basic segments of communication design represented at the exhibition were result of personal engagement of Johannes Erler (corporative design), Mike Meiré (graphic design), Joachim Sauter (digital media design), Erik Spiekermann (art of printing) and Andreas Uebele (orientation design) as authors of the exhibition and of their selection of works of other participants. The defined segments are given tentatively and not too strictly bearing in mind the permeation and mutual influences, rather as landmarks that contribute to a good layout of displayed material.

The exhibition represents 150 works, over 40 designers and design-studios as well as examples of good professional practice. Authors and organisers of the exhibition feature the significant position communication design has in everyday life by making possible easier organisation and arrangement of our environment.

If the communication design is accomplished in inventive and functional away the visual level is in full accord with communication dimension and when so we are able to understand information without much effort, almost intuitively. We are directed to the right course without hesitation, we find and we recognize what we are looking for and arrive were we are going to almost instantly. It was the universal significance of the communication design and its integration into everyday life regardless of differences existing among national societies that have defined the concept and form of the exhibition The Dimension of Plane – Communication Design in Germany.

Conceived and accomplished as a visiting one this exhibition is distinguished by unusual and contemporary presentation based on specific multi-purpose transporting boxes which are simultaneously serving as flexible exhibition set up.

Within the exhibition project of The Dimension of Plane – Communication Design in Germany Goethe Institut in Belgrade put out to tender a conceptual design of internal communication design in the refurbished premises of Goethe Institut in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova Street 20. Tender requirements are released at the Internet web address of Goethe Institut. The awarded authors and works will be made known at the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art on 21st January 2010.