Author Dušan Milovanović

06 November 2008 - 15 January 2009

On the occasion of Museum’s Day,
the Museum of Applied Art has the pleasure to invite you
to the Grand Opening of the exhibition

Author Dušan Milovanović
The exhibition will be opened by Academician Dinko Davidov

Exhibition architect: Ivan Mangov

Representative exhibition Treasuries of Chilandar Monastery, curated by Dušan Milovanović, museum councilor, will be opened on November 6, 2008, celebrating Day of the Museum of Applied Art. The exhibition and the two-volume catalogue (bilingual, with colour illustrations) are the result of three-decades-long research conducted in Chilandar Monastery and Holy Mountain by team of professionals working in the Museum of Applied Art and lead by Dušan Milovanović.

Museological treatment of varied material discovered by the team members followed the long-standing research and the creation of systematic inventory. The results will be published, in a systematic order, as separate volumes, in years to come. The present, first volume can be understood as introductory, as it contains the review of items that should help us understand Chilandar material, those precious, inestimable, examples of the applied art as well as simple objects for day-to-day use.

The exhibition Treasuries of Chilandar Monastery consists of several segments:

  • documentary, comparative, section dealing with the treasuries of Chilandar along with the material in Museum’s collections related to the Monastery either by style, time period or some other characteristic;
  • segment featuring photographs of the Monastery and its ambience;
  • special segment dedicated to the reconstruction of Chilandar;
  • original items from Holy Mountain and Chilandar.

The exhibition features sacral objects from Chilandar and Holy Mountain, as well, that found their way to cultural institutions in Serbia thanking to various historic circumstances. Ten manuscripts belong to these (gospels, menaions and corpuses) from Chilandar kept in Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, The National Library of Serbia and The Historic Museum of Serbia. There are also some of the most precious objects from the collections of the Museum of Applied Art, The National Museum, and other institutions, as well as valuable collection of icons from the Legacy of King Peter I at Oplenac. It contains items that were gifts made by monks from Chilandar and other monasteries at Holy Mountain, to King Peter I on his coronation and during his reign, as well as during the reign of King Alexander. Objects featured at the exhibition belong to the highest category of Serbian cultural and artistic heritage.

The exhibition was supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

Restoration of Chilandar

2008 Photographed by Ivan Mangov

Homilies of Gregory the Theologian

Chilandar, beginning of the 15th century Paper 250 x 355 mm; 325 leaves MSPC, Belgrade, Inv. No. 119

Saint Sava and Saint Simeon

Chilandar, 1818 Author monk Arsenius Copperplate Plate: 320 x 460 mm Plate – Chilandar; print – NLS, Belgrade


Chilandar – icons; Thessaloniki, end of 17th century - beginning of 18th century – metalwork Wood (plum tree) – carving; silver, forging, stamping, engraving, gold plate; Bohemian garnets, polishing Diameter: 83 mm MAA, Belgrade, Inv. No. 2696

Cross, hand-held, for veneration

Mount Athos, end of the 14th – beginning of the 16th century Wood (plum wood), carved Height – 170 mm; width – 82 mm; thickness – 26 mm MAA, Belgrade, Inv. No. 1683

Cross - on the holy table

Mount Athos, end of 16th century – cross; Prizren, mid-18th century – metalwork Wood (cypress); silver, cast, forged, granulated, filigree; glass paste, polished Height – 313 mm; width – 313 mm MAA, Belgrade, Inv. No. 424

Icon, diptych, portable (2 tablets)

Chilandar, end of 17th – beginning of 18th century wood (olive), carving, openwork 98 mm x 115 mm MAA, Belgrade, Inv. No. 4090 and 4091

Icon, dyptich, portable

Chilandar – icon; Thessaloniki, 1777 – metalwork Wood (olive), carving; silver, casting, forging, engraving filigree Height 82 mm, width 84 mm MAA, Belgrade, Inv. No. 9796

Icon of St. Demetrios

Chilandar (?), end of 14th – beginning of 15th century Moravska painting school Wood, tempera 34.3 cm x 26.5 cm MAA,Belgrade, Inv. No. 1351

Icon of Sts. Sava and Simeon

Longin (?) Tempera on board 326 x 260 mm NM, Belgrade, Inv. No. 2050

Altar doors

Serbia, Srem, first half of the 18th century Egg tempera on board 1235 x 670 x 280 mm NM, Belgrade, Inv. No. 3308, 3309, 3310, 3311, 3312, 3313

Icon of Saint Sava of Serbia and Saint Simeon the Myrrh-gusher

Mount Athos, 1903 Russian icon painting atelier Wood; egg tempera 522 x 718 mm Endowment of King Peter I at Oplenac, Topola, Inv. No. 25

Chilandar beneath snow, before fire damage

2004 Photographed by Father Dositej

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