20 Years of Visual Communications by Vladan Srdić

05 - 25 October 2017

In 1997, Vladan Srdić (Belgrade, 1972) graduated from the Department for Graphic Communications in the Professor Miloš Ćirić’s class, and at the invitation of Dragan Sakan, he began working at the most prominent advertising agency in the region – „S Team Bates Saatchi & Saatchi Balkans“. During his student days, he was a member of Torpedo Theater Company, whose visual identity was his creation. During 1999, he moved first to Germany, and then to Slovenia, where he was engaged as the art director of the Ljubljana Saatchi branch, and later on in „Tovarna Vizij Y&R“ Agency in Ljubljana. In 2006, he co-founded „Studio 360“ with his partner, architect Lidija Dragišić, in which he features as creative strategist and art director. He won a large number of international awards and prizes for his works in visual communications.

The most important professional design and advertising magazines feature writings about the works of Vladan Srdić, among which are: Graphis Magazine, Print Magazine, Lürzer’s Archive, Novum, Deezen, Choisgallery, Neshan Magazine, Taschen, PIE Books, Rockport Publishers, Rotovision, Harper Collins, Maomao Publications, Artpower International,, Marketing magazin, Media Marketing, KvadArt, New Moment, Mladina, etc. His work is included in Taschen publication titled Contemporary Graphic Design (2007) among the world’s 100 best contemporary designers.

He exhibited in 63 group and 6 individual exhibitions. He is a member of D&AD, ULUPUDS and ADC Serbia.

He lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.