A Recontextualization in the Art of Textiles
Doctoral Art Project

15 June - 03 July 2021


Doctoral Art Project

Мentor Olivera Ninčić Ph.D., Full Professor


The doctoral art project of Zlatko Cvetković is specifically directed toward historic, artistic, theoretical, sociological, and psychological aspects of personal relation to various objects, which exists over time. The starting points of the space installa­tions, which include his unnecessaries, go back to the childhood, to the process of growing up, and to all the situations of socialization, to the state of anxiousness in relation to things, trifles, fetishes, but also to other individuals in certain ambienc­es, whose aspirations and needs in certain moments could coincide with his own.

From the memory treasure box, from the long closed chests, the author draws objects that he transfers from their former statuses into the art space. In fact, he does it by working with their material and connotational, spiritual premises, with their very es­sences, which they acquired during their »past work«, that is, lives. It seems that the identity of those objects sometimes remains unchanged, because they arouse colors, smells, tastes, childhood fascinations. On the other hand, they trigger the feeling of nostalgia that rests on the attributive teeterboard, moving from the important to the ephemeral, and pointing to the changes in the specifica of the illusions over time.

The objects are the live matter for Cvetković, and he underlines their vitality with his artistic procedures known from the modernist and the postmodernist periods: the appropriation, the decontextualization, and the reconstruction. Besides, he reaches for the multiplication and for the radical changes of formats [the dimensions of ob­jects], for enlargement.

Ljubica Jelisavac, (quote from catalogue)

Selection of works

Good Deal


The Memory Bag


The Tastes of Aunt Ranka’s Kitchen


England Used to Be Closer


Scattered Dreams [A Cloud of Illusions]


Zlatko Cvetković



space installation in two segments

For the excellent score in the fourth grade I won a bicycle, a Pony. Since I »earned it honestly« I did mind »sharing« it with my brother. To make things worse, at the same time »that little rascal« somehow got hold of a postal stamp from Cuba, which was missing from my small philatelist collection. The brotherly rivalry and the childlike circumventions lead me to change my new bicycle for the stamp. We certainly had to share the Pony, but eventually the stamp became mine.

The instinct to possess and the tendency to enhance the collection are the generator of this »unreal« transaction from the perspective of a grown man. During the last forty years, the stamp has grown in importance, due to the intricacies of the family matters.

More Valuable than Pony

Larger than Pony



ZLATKO CVETKOVIĆ [Vrnjačka Banja, 1971] graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts, Department for Textile Design [1996]. Graduated with master’s degree from the same Faculty in 2001, in Tapestry, with mentor MA Jadranka Simonović, Full Professor.

From 1997, works at Faculty of Applied Arts, Department for Textile, currently As­sociate Professor of Textile.

He is a member of the art group LUM [The Lavatorium of the Artistic Thoughts] [1996—1998], of the association Punkt za umetnički eksperiment [Punct For the Artistic Experiment] [1999—2001], European Textile Network [2007—2015], as well as ULUPUDS [from 1997].

Zlatko Cvetković held 11 solo and participated in over 110 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

His works are featured in the collections of Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga [Latvia], Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz [Poland], Cultural Centre in Gornji Milanovac, Atelier 61 — Institution for mak­ing tapestries, Petrovaradin, and Zavičajni muzej »Zamak kulture«, Vrnjačka Banja.

He is a laureate of numerous prizes and awards.

Guided Tour

3 July 2021
Author of the photographs: Nemanja Mitrović