Three Interwar Poster Artists: Janković, Petrov, Babić

The history of the Serbian poster began in the late 19th century, at the time when the poster globally became an important means of communication of a growing consumer society. Then, it was mostly not the field of activity of art-educated people. However, it would change after the First World War, when it became necessary for the poster authors to possess fine art skills, to be creative and innovative.

Dušan Janković, Mihailo S. Petrov and Miloš Babić created their works in the interwar era, that golden age of poster art. Their works belong to the pioneering phase of this creative discipline in Serbia, and their best pieces represent the discipline’s climax and belong to the quality European poster corpus. Janković, Petrov and Babić spoke the same creative language as their colleagues in Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest…, regardless of whether they used the international vocabularies of art déco or deradicalized avant-garde art movements – those pillars of 20th-century graphic design.