Create a Gift for Someone You Love at the Museum of Applied Art

23 January - 30 September 2020

The Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, the artists’ group Blast Theory and the British Council invite you to try the Gift application and explore the museum in a new way. The application makes it possible that you, as the museum visitor, by using your mobile phone, send a virtual gift to your friends, consisting of a chosen museum object display. Simply, scan the QR code or open the link you will find on posters and postcards at the museum entrance. Afterwards, follow the application instructions and create a digital gift to send to someone you love.

The Gift application will be given to the Museum of Applied Art on 22 January 2020, during the official opening of PlayUK festival which is organized by the British Council in partnership with SGA (Serbian Games Association) and Nordeus HUB. On this occasion, the visitors will be addressed by Clare Sears, director of the British Council for Serbia and Western Balkans, Jo Twist, director of the UK Association for Interactive Entertainment, Ljiljana Miletić-Abramović, director of the Museum of Applied Art and Rebecca Fabrizi, Deputy Head of UK Mission in Serbia.

Gift will be hosted at the temporary exhibition Fashion in Modern Serbia from 23 to 31 January 2020. On 4 February 2020, it will be “moved” to the permanent exhibition At the First Sight where it will be hosted till 30 September 2020. Gift is in English but you can make recordings and write clues in Serbian or any other language you like.

On the occasion of the Gift application launch, the Museum of Applied Art will grant free entry on Saturday, 25 January 2020.

PlayUK is the British Council‘s platform for supporting creativity in digital art, offering access to new skills and knowledge and creating and strengthening the interaction between art and technology. Creating links between the art and IT sectors and bringing together professionals from the UK and the Western Balkans, PlayUK deals with programming, gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), animation, interactive and narrative design. This edition of PlayUK focuses on video games and the gaming culture, as well as on connecting British and local gaming scene by bringing together the creatives in this field.

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Blast Theory is a renowned multidisciplinary artists’ group which has been experimenting with interactive art for three decades, exploring the social and political aspects of technology.  Their works were presented at the Venice Biennale and Sundance Film Festival. Drawing on popular culture and games, Blast Theory’s work often blurs the boundaries between the real and the fictional. The group is led by Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr and Nick Tandavanitj.

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