01 June - 31 August 2022


The glass collection of the Belgrade-based Museum of Applied Art (MAA) traces the history of glass production from the first centuries of the new era to the 7th century. Providing an insight into the diversity of materials, the decoration techniques, and the ways of shaping utility items, the collection also points to the development of the design of objects used in this area. In addition to archaeological glass from the beginning of the era, the collection, which consists of 376 objects, also contains objects from important European glass workshops and factories, while a significant part traces the development of national industrial glass production.

Recognizing the national importance and the relevance of presenting one of the most significant glass collections in Serbia during the International Year of Glass 2022, which promotes the scientific, economic and cultural value of glass on a global level, the JustStart company and the Museum of Applied Art have developed the project “Glass in Focus” in partnership, which aims to enable specialized and broad audiences to see the entire glass collection of the MAA through digitization and a digital presentation, focusing on the presentation of items of national importance in regional and international frameworks.

The project includes the digitization and creation of a digital catalog of objects from the MAA glass collection, as well as creating a digital exhibition of objects and a digital space in the Museum of Applied Art where visitors will be able to become acquainted with the MAA collection of historical glass.