44th Children‘s October Salon - Curious Child – Artist and Scientist

44th Children‘s October Salon - Curious Child – Artist and Scientist "INVENTARTIST"

08 - 31 October 2009

The 44th Children‘s October Salon is dedicated to the bicentennial of Charles Darwin‘s birth and the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of publishing his famous work “The Origin of the Species”, as well as the hundred and thirtieth anniversary of the birth of our famous scientist Milutin Milankovic.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Voyage of the sailboat “Beagle”
Charles Darwin was born in 1809, February the 12th at Shrewsbery in England, as the fifth of the six children in the family of well off doctor Robert Woringh and Susannah Wedgwood. In 1808 he attended local school. At the age of his sixteen he started medical studies in Edinburgh. Two years later Darwin started as well the studies in theology at the University of Cambridge. As a young naturalist, in 1831 he set off on the research voyage around the world and sailed for five years on the famous sailboat »Beagle«. Charles married Emma Wedgwood in 1842 and their family settled in the house at the small village Down, where they lived until the end of their lives. They had ten children.

Darwin has helped us to understand differencies among us, and in the same time to respect our common origin. Before Darwin‘s time it was thought that each specie has appeared separately and independently, without any change from the beginning of the world. In the time of Darwin Church could not possibly accept that »the human being, as well as any living organisam on the Earth, was the result of the evolution.«

Charles discribed matters as he saw and observed theam during these five years on the sailboat »Beagle«, exploring very cuccessfully flora and fauna in many different parts of the world – this inspired him to write his capital works.


Two hundred years since the birth of the famous scientist and hundred and fifty years since »The Origin of the Species« was first published.
The naturalist, the father of modern biology and the creator of the theory of natural selection – of the origin of the species and the evolution.
In his work »The Origin of the Species« he established the principle »according to which any mutation, if beneficial, is preserved« – and that is what he called natural selection.
The concept of the evolution itself had not been exclusively Darwin‘s because it had had already evolved before his postulate.
Scientists agree fully that Darwin‘s great merit, was in his answer to the question »how it all happened – which means the processes of the evolution – the natural selection«.

The essential reality of the evolution has been broadly accepted during Darwin‘s life, but his exclusive theory –the natural selection as its main cause, had not triumphed until 1940, when it successfully melted with the science of genetics.