Innovative, Social and Ecological

09 - 26 September 2009

Dr Michael Ludwig, deputy mayor and member of the City Government of Vienna in charge of housing, construction and reconstruction of the city is opening the exhibition

Exhibition coordinator: Milica Cukić MA, Senior Curator

Curators of the exhibition: Wolfgang Förster and the Architecture Centre of Vienna (Gabriele Kaiser, Dietmar Steiner, Alexandra Viehhauser)
Exhibition design: SPAN-Architects (Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger)

Traditionally good cooperation between Vienna and Belgrade is continued by the exhibition HOUSING IN VIENNA – Innovative, Social and Ecological and the workshop on Social and Modern – Housing in Vienna. This exhibition attracted greatest attention at the last year biennial in Vienna providing a comprehensive insight into the housing construction in Vienna from the 1920s until the present times. The exhibition will represent realised projects of subsidized housing construction and their incorporation in current city development programmes.

The exhibition is including the workshop on Social and Modern – Housing in Vienna to be held on 10th of September in ”Palace” hotel. Delegation of the City of Vienna will represent models of subsidized housing works in Vienna from the 1920s until the present times as well as architectural, social and environmentally friendly aspects of this model of development. There were new standards introduced in the field and an interdisciplinary jury evaluates all projects by four sets of criteria: social sustainability, architecture, environmental and economic requirements. The workshop will discuss models of private/public partnership which have given excellent results in subsidized housing in transitional and developed countries of Europe. Representatives of the profession, city management and developers in this building will have the opportunity to meet their colleagues and discuss various models and aspects of non-profit housing. This concept of housing is being promoted in Serbia at the moment.
Study of housing concepts was part of the recently completed Strategy of Urban Planning of Republic of Serbia. The Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade is continuing work on this study covering Belgrade, previous experience and possibilities for organisation of contemporary models of non-profit housing construction. On the other hand, introduction of massive and affordable housing construction sustained by the Republic Administration was another reason for a more comprehensive study of the successful practice Vienna has in this field.

The visit of this exhibition and the workshop was supported by the City Administration of Vienna and organised by the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade.

The exhibition is assorted with catalogue in German and English.