Behind the product

Behind the product

Exhibition of Bachelor's and Master's graduation projects by students of Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (Poland)

14 - 30 November 2018

Behind the product

Exhibition under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Belgrade

Exhibition prepared in cooperation with Museum of Applied Art and Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

Try to ask yourself, why design is so powerful.

The final shape of a product is determined by the path set by “a resultant of several vectors”: the results of tests carried out, decisions taken and numerous coincidences. This average direction makes this “something” happen, and it finally appears to us as a finished product.

Its foundation includes a programme of the product’s lifespan and its “death”. Every element influencing the manner in which the product is used, the price, its sociological, social, psychological or environmental aspects are all… a part of the same project.

The resulting product thrown on the shelves of the consumer world will be subject to different laws, but the intention of the designer that has been “planted” in the project from the very beginning – even though not always obvious and apparent at first sight – will continue to be there, fighting to survive. Will it survive? Who knows…

The design of this exhibition aims at encouraging visitors to try to perceive a product differently than they do on an everyday basis: to try to see the idea that has determined this specific shape of the product, and, going even further, to reflect why somebody has taken up this particular topic. The topic that can be taken up and examined by a student without any compromises. The topic that is not a commission order received from the market, but often times, their own private observation that there is still something missing in this world, something that could have been better or just helped someone or something in some way.

Kaja Kordas

Photographs from the Opening Ceremony