25 Years of Authorial Fashion Scene in Serbia

27 October - 19 November 2016

Authors: Ksenija Marković Božović, MA, and Nenad Radujević

Set-up designer: Igor Stepančić

Coordinator of the exhibision: Milica Cukić, MAA

Organisers: Fashion Studio “Click” and Museum of Applied Art

Being part of the Belgrade Fashion Week jubilee celebration, the exhibition Between the Past and the Future: 25 Years of Authorial Fashion Scene in Serbia tends to present a part of the past and the present of the contemporary scene of authorial fashion design in Serbia. Fashion is moving fast, and therefore, the presentation of the past experiences is aimed at introducing a wider audience with the past of fashion creativity, and at offering the professional public a framework for considering the future.

The exhibition will present the development of the contemporary scene of the domestic authorial fashion design from the nineties to the present day. It will focus on presenting the authors whose independent work has marked these years. The exhibited models and photographs will provide an insight into the development of aesthetic and production standards of the sector and indicate, at least, glimpses of its potential and scope.

The authors, whose work is chronologically set up, are mainly those authors who represent the actors of the current scene of the authorial fashion design. Smaller number of the displayed designers is no longer engaged in fashion independently, or is no longer in fashion at all; whereas, a number of them are part of the global fashion scene today. In that sense, the exhibition provides an insight not only into the development of the Serbian authorial design as a single being, but also into the beginnings and development of the designer per se. It will be interesting to recall the cult models of the nineties, or the beginnings of the Čumić District; wonder why certain talents have given up fashion, or shifted to swimming in other waters – either geographical or business.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the programme composed of professional conference, roundtables, children’s workshops, meetings with designers, as well as professional guidance through the set-up.

Designer Doda Komad

Designer Dijana Macura

Designer Ivana Pilja