Exhibition of the fourth-year students of undergraduate academic studies of the Faculty of Applied Arts

09 - 30 July 2016

Exhibition commissioner: Mirjana Tomašević, Associate Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts

Exhibition architect: Mladen Vračević, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts

Organized by: Museum of Applied Art and Faculty of Applied Arts

As every year, in July, the Museum of Applied Art opens its galleries wide for one more exhibition of the final-year students of the Faculty of Applied Arts. The exhibition “Diploma 2016” will present 68th generation of this Belgrade art faculty. It will represent an opportunity for them to show the public the results of many years of their studying, but it will also represent an opportunity to compare their work with others.

The selection of around 100 works will represent the result of students’ and their professors’ work in the course of four-year academic studies. The exhibition will present all ten specialized departments with all related modules: Mural Painting, Applied Sculpting, Interior Architecture, Applied Graphics (Printmaking and Book Design; Graphic Design; Photography), Scenography, Costume (Fashion Design; Stage Costume), Textile, Ceramics, Industrial Design, Conservation and Restauration (Conservation and Restauration of Paintings and Art on Paper; Conservation and Restauration of Sculptures and Archaeological Objects).

In the graduation exhibition catalogue, the Dean of the FAA, Professor Zoran Blažina, has asked numerous questions: What does the FAA mean in Serbia today? Do we recognize the importance of this, more than educational, institution? What kind of status do applied arts have? Has our society finally matured for the vision that proudly connects the craftsmanship past with high technologies, sophisticated materials and creation into an entirely certain future of applied arts?

We are witnessing the fact that applied art has primacy in industry and in everyday life of modern society. Some great world architects have become sculptors; graphic designers are adding a third dimension to their work; contemporary ceramics is entering the domain of spatial graphics or installations. Product designers have built the “Apple” and many other companies.

The Faculty of Applied Arts has nurtured another talented and modest generation of young designers, who want to work and create. What is imperative and what is expected from society is to offer them a real chance.

After the exhibition of graduate students’ works at the Museum of Applied Art, the exhibition of defended Master’s works will be held under the title “Master 2016” from 4th August until 27th August, 2016.

Ana Georgijev

Danijela Pajović

Goran Rakić

Printmaking and Book Design

Jelena Andžić

Jovan Rakić

Milica Baltovski

Milos Zlatanović

Stefan Stanković

Teodora Vojinović

Mural Painting