The exhibition of graduate students of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

15 July - 15 August 2008

Exhibition Commissioner – Zlatko Cvetković, Artistic Co-operator
Exhibition Setting
– Tijana Sekulić, assistant

In the year when we celebrate the 60th anniversary of foundation and work of the Faculty of Applied Arts, 94 young artists will present their most outstanding works during the exhibition of Diplomas 2008, to be held in Museum of Applied Art July 15th – August 15th, 2008.

During of the exhibition, we will present the gratuate students’ work of all ten specialized sections and eight studios of FAA – Mural painting, Applied sculpturing, Interior architecture, Applied graphics (Graphics and a book; Graphic design; Photography), Stage setting, Costume (Modern clothing; Scene costumes), Textile, Ceramics, Industrial design, Conversation and restoration (Conservation and restoration of paintings; Conservation and restoration of sculptures; Conversation and restoration of artworks on paper).

Already traditional exhibition of Diplomas will also this time confirm that students are not only passive recipients of knowledge, but creative individuals that, carrying enormous energy, will transpose their skills into work, of which one part will be presented in Museum of Applied Art. Many awards received during their education confirm well created and qualitative learning programme in different fields of Visual and Applied Arts that is provided for our students at the Faculty.

In exhibition catalogue , Ph.D. Ivana Kuzmanović Novović, docent of FAA, states that breakthrough on Belgrade public art scene , provides for the graduate students at the beggining of their individual professional experience a new role which is to create the higher level of the esthetic standards in our society. „In an overflow of lack of style and kitsch , these young and educated artists have task to create contemporary visual art and fashion scene and become the creators of good taste by expressing their talent and by following fundamental art principles. In the era of glorification of so called new esthetics, the esthetics of kitsch, it is necessary that they believe in their own idea, their research and personal contribution to Art and Design“, says Ph.D. Ivana Kuzmanović Novović, pointing out that Art market today is looking for original concepts, styles and personalities that are easy to identify. Finally, she claims that it is expected that this year’s graduate students, as the individuals with their own trade mark, take part in activities of industrial and cultural institutions, and that with their fresh knowledge and skills fully contribute to creation of the environment that surrounds us.