06 - 27 September 2012

Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

Press Conference: Wednesday, 5 September 2012 at 12.00

The exhibition will be opened by: Mr. Bratislav Petković, Minister of Culture of Republic of Serbia and His Excellency Mr. Toshio Tsunozaki, Ambassador of Japan in Serbia

Exhibition coordinator: Dejan Sandić, International Cooperation Curator

On March 11th 2011 Japan experienced natural disaster of unprecedented proportion, that triggered a technological one as well. Many people in this country are still unable to live normal day-to-day life even today in the aftermath of these terrifying events. Indeed, for many it has become a reason to question and rethink the true meaning of “wealth”.
Geographically far from Japan, in South-Eastern Europe, Serbia is blessed with a rich and diverse natural environment, yet with a complex and turbulent history that still strongly reflects upon its contemporary existence.

Seemingly apart and different, these two countries, nevertheless have a tradition in mutual support, sympathy and understanding in troublesome times and events. That bond has brought them yet again together in the dynamic and inventive field of Art – within the Hikari Project.
Conceived and executed as collaboration of Yubido Inc. from Tokyo and the Museum of Applied Art from Belgrade this project presents 240 artistic pieces of contemporary and traditional Japanese art and it is significant, not only as an artistic and cultural interaction has fostered between Serbia and Japan, but because every exhibit created by the participating artists truly explores “peace”, “recovery”, and “hope” – all of these as themes connected to Hikari, the Japanese word for “light”.
This project demonstrates the power that art sometimes has in search for solutions to a host of difficult problems.

Haru Hara


Hishin Taniho


K. Deguchi


K. Ohtake

Spring in Nagoya

Koemon Ilda

Spring and Fall

Masa Yokoyama


S. Sakai


Shoko Kitahara