Life, Energy, Rhythm

Life, Energy, Rhythm

Vesna Papaz

17 - 26 October 2017

Vesna Papaz’s exhibition Life, Energy, Rhythm sublimates, in a certain way, the artist’s entire creative work. Vesna created an artistic expression specific to her, experimenting in a wide variety of techniques, while thematically, her main source of inspiration lies in the culture and ornaments of ritual Africa.

In the exhibition catalogue, Professor Branka Gostović emphasised that…“while respecting classical artistic values of applied creativity, Vesna Papaz opted for the idea of art without boundaries. Without boundaries in the selection of materials, manner of technical processing and realisation of the work. For free display of ideas: visual, visual and spatial, audio and sound, and video. Following her rich intuition and pursuing her life philosophy, Vesna succeeded in “erasing” the border between secular and spiritual by many of her unique exhibits.”

Today, when everything, even applied art, is rapidly changing owing to the development of new technologies, the need of artists to successfully resist these trends with their unique works is worth attention, just as in the case of Vesna Papaz.