LIVING SPAIN / Furniture, Lighting & Accessories

LIVING SPAIN / Furniture, Lighting & Accessories

Exhibition of Spanish Design

13 May - 15 June 2008

The exhibition was open by His Excellency Mr. Jose Riera Sikier, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Belgrade
Author of the exhibition: Marselo Leslabay, Spain
Exhibition Coordinator: Dejan Sandić, International Cooperation Curator

Living Spain / Furniture, Lighting & Accessories is an exhibition of contemporary Spanish industrial design, which by its original and unexpected constructs, as well as the variety of themes, reveals the reasons for which design has taken extraordinarily important place in the economy and culture in Spain during the last decade.

The concept of this exhibition initially designed for the Biennale of Design 2006 in Saint’ Etienne, France, is a traveling exhibition that promotes successful cooperation between young Spanish designers and local industry in the configuration of some aspects of contemporary life. It contains around 20 exhibits, the authors of which are young and successful professionals such as Blasco Gandía, Héctor Serrano, José Gandía, Pablo Gironés, Ramón Úbeda, Otto Canalda, Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Jaime Hayón and Miguel Herranz. They are produced by prominent Spanish firms, brands that gained reputation at European market (Metalarte, Camper, Gandía Blasco, Tecnología & Diseño Cabanes, Nani Marquina, BD Ediciones de Diseño, Delica, Porcelanas Bidasoa, Luzifer Lamps, and other).

Marcelo Leslabaj, the author of the exhibition, says, “The variety of forms and styles of these objects reflects an image of a country of great cultural richness, so if we cannot speak of a style that is only designer’s, we can at least notice some undisputable characteristics that reveal traces of various cultures that rushed through these lands with their valuable artistic and architectural heritage. In the country we live in, we can discern the influences of art, of fashion, but of other cultures as well. We see the messages from the past as well as the messages for the future… They are written in words of eclectic projection, perpetual mutations and boundaries lost somewhere between the rational, the onyric and the ludic. Another characteristic is that the types of different products are compatible both in the interior and the exterior, the aspect that stresses that strong connection with the sun, the beaches and the extraordinary climate that distinguishes Spain, in the objects that are meant to invite us to live intensivelly and enjoy nature.”

The creativity, freshness and the talent of Spanish designers is reflected in objects conceived with sensibility and intelligence, which carry energy and strong symbolism that invites us to enjoy them and take them as an extension of our own bodies.

The exhibition is realized in the cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Belgrade.


дизајнер: Хектор Серано(Héctor Serrano) произвођач: Металарте (Metalarte)

Мини микадо Mini Mikado)

дизајнер: Мигел Еранц (Miguel Herranz) произвођач: Луцифер лампс (Luzifer Lamps


дизајнер: диес+ диес дисењо(diez+diez diseño – Trem Diseño Industrial) произвођач Технологија и дизајн Кабанес (Tecnologia&Diseño Cabanes)