Works of the Master academic studies students of the year 2014/2015

04 - 27 August 2016

Exhibition commissioner: Zlatko Cvetković, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts

Exhibition architect: Tijana Sekulić, Associate Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts

Organised by: Museum of Applied Art and Faculty of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Art reserves its galleries for the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts during the summer months. Following the graduation exhibition of the students of this renowned art faculty, the works of the students of the final, fifth year of academic studies will be presented at the exhibition titled Master 2016 during the month of August.

The semantics of the word Master has multiple origins depending on the form in which it appears. Such is the fate of the Master of Arts – unpredictable with a number of possibilities, conditioned by life circumstances. The word Master has also the meaning of a supreme authority or a tutor, teacher and it bears the attribute of respect, honour.

A selection of 85 works will feature the best works of the students of 2014/2015 generation of all three study programmes of the Faculty of Applied Arts, and these are as follows: Applied Arts, Design, and Conservation and Restauration. The exhibition will present the works of the following modules: Mural Painting, Applied Sculpting, Interior Architecture, Printmaking and Book Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Scenography, Stage Costume, Ceramics, Textile, Industrial Design, Conservation and Restauration of Paintings and Art on Paper, Conservation and Restauration of Sculptures and Archaeological Objects.

In the exhibition catalogue, the Dean of the FAA, Professor Zoran Blažina, states: “Master represents an unlocked door in front of great expectations. It is a chance for the title not to remain a mere floating word, but to obtain its desirable meaning filled with content. It implies a successful artistic career, continuous professional development – the character of a credible person. The joy of achieving an authentic creative handwriting mixed with the burden of a missionary role of a vocation devotee.”

This exhibition of the oldest students of the Faculty of Applied Arts, titled Master 2016, also confirms that they are not only passive recipients of knowledge, but creative individuals as well, who, by possessing enormous energy, transpose their skills into works, actually into Master’s works, only a part of which will be exhibited at the MAA.