Miloš Puač: Storyboards

Miloš Puač: Storyboards

10 - 22 December 2021

Miloš Puač: Storyboards

Opening ceremony: Friday, 10th December, at 07:00 p.m.

Organised by: Faculty of Applied Arts and Museum of Applied Art


The exhibition by Miloš Puač consists of the selected works he has created for the significant film and television projects he has worked on. The national television series The Black Wedding as well as the series The Outpost form the core of the exhibition setup. Storyboard as a medium essentially belongs to applied arts in the full sense of the word, but if we perceive it from the drawer’s point of view, it represents a very intimate piece for the author. As the point of the storyboard itself is to convey and explain the shots of a certain project in the pre-production, it is also important for the author to preserve and channel his/her creative energy through a drawn line. Storyboard is an articulated croquis drawing, and as such it is deeply rooted in the postulates of almost every work of art.

Miloš Puač is a passionate cartoonist. He is an excellent example of young authors who were educated in parallel, at the faculty and at alternative workshops. In addition to drawing a nude that he wonderfully masters, he also understands narration as a prerequisite for comic book and film media. With this exhibition, Miloš shows us his incredible talent in the form of storyboards and concrete collaborations with filmmakers.

Prof. Marko Lađušić


Miloš Puač (Belgrade, 1986) graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in 2012 as an applied graphics artist in the class of Prof. Gordana Petrović and Prof. Rastko Ćirić. He worked as an expert associate at the Faculty of Applied Arts (from 2014 to 2021), the study course NUDE led by Prof. Daniela Fulgosi and Prof. Marko Lađušić. He attended the school of comic books Đorđe Lobačev by Vladimir Vesović.

He has been professionally engaged in film and television production since 2014 – storyboard field.

Projects: The Nemanjić Dynasty: The Birth of the Kingdom; King Petar the First; The Outpost; The Black Wedding; Time of Evil; Besa 2; Slotherhouse; The Machine.

He has exhibited his works at two solo and several group exhibitions.

Selection of works