Pushing the Boundaries / 4

Pushing the Boundaries / 4

Guest exhibition

20 December 2018 - 20 January 2019

Pushing the Boundaries / 4

Opening ceremony: Thursday, 20 December 2018, at 7 p.m.

The Exhibition will be opened by Lidija Jovanović, President of ULUPUDS (Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia)

The Exibition authorial concept: Snežana Pešić Rančić and Maja Gecić

Organizers: Snežana Pešić Rančić, The TiSO (Textile and Contemporary Costume) Section of the ULUPUDS and Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade

The Exhibition Pushing the Boundaries is being organised for the forth time. Since 2014, when the first exhibition was held, this project has been constantly growing in the number of its participants, so that 40 artists from the country and the region, as well as from Uruguay, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, will take part, along with their works, in this year’s exhibition. In the finale of the exhibition, the awarding jury will honour the authors of three most successful works.

The project Pushing the Boundaries is conceptual in character, which means that it deals with the topics of reflection, reconsideration and deconstruction of the idea of textile as well as its implementation. Taking into consideration the topic, which is restrictive neither in terms of technique nor in terms of material, artists from different fields of visual and applied arts are presented at the exhibition.

Some of the exhibited works are potential inspiration for separate essays. Here, textile is the undeniable inspiration as well as the medium and message. In majority of cases, textile, as a peculiar material form, undergoes its more or less subtle deconstruction. It is carried out not only in a delicate or philosophical sense. It often involves intuitive and instinctive, even harsh artistic deconstruction, completely motivated by desire to carry on the exploration and push the boundaries in all directions to the very end.

In terms of topic, the exhibition displays ideologization of everyday life, manifests, escapism, exploration of optical paradoxes, cancellation of privacy, associations with consumism & consumerism, then spatial allegories and various ambient sound installations, with sound supporting either material or electronic (digital) exhibits, i.e. video art.

Every entity displayed at the exhibition, which is so diversified and rich in ideas, has its own clearly profiled identity, making it impossible to generalise, classify or attempt to establish a potential general trend, maybe even an art style, concluded Slobodan Ivkov in his text in the catalogue.

The project Pushing the Boundaries includes: exhibition, lectures, panel discussions, workshop and a concert. It has been generated as an exhibition organised by the TiSO (Textile and Contemporary Costume) Section of the ULUPUDS and its authorial concept bears the signature of Snežana Pešić Rančić and Maja Gecić.

All details about the programme of the Exhibition Pushing the Boundaries are provided on the website of the Museum of Applied Art www.mpu.rs.

Selection of works

Aleksandra Bogićević

Jana Danilović

Božidar Mandić

Vlado Stjepić

Marina Kostić

Slađana Milojević

Ljiljana Majkić

Dragana Krecelj Karanović

Nelleke Hulsen

Jelena Jovanović

Snežana Nena Skoko

Sonja Rosić

Tanja Devetak and Eduar Čehovin

Nikola Radosavljević

Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček

Ivana Bakal

Snežana Pešić Rančić

Zlatko Cvetković