Vienna Know-how: Urban Technologies and Strategies

Vienna Know-how: Urban Technologies and Strategies

06 - 28 September 2010

The exhibition will be opened by: Željko Ožegović (member of Belgrade City Council). Dipl. Ing. Sigrid Oblak (managing director of Wien Holding GmbH), Dipl. Ing. Brigitte Jilke (managing director of the Executive Office for Urban Planning of Vienna) and Dipl. Ing. Alexandra Vogl (managing director of TINA VIENNA GmbH).

Exhibition curator: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović MA, Museum Advisor, Department of Architecture

The exhibition Vienna Know-how: Urban Technologies and Strategies offers a comprehensive and detailed insight into the “living organism” of Vienna. The visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about a number of Viennese innovative solutions selected and symbiotically linked thematic areas such as water management, urban development, real estates, environment, mobility, security, waste, communications, city without barriers, energy and strategies.

Vienna ranks among the world cities best suited to the life of its population. ”Quite normal” – those who know Vienna well would say and this exhibition testifies to this. The exhibition was on display from April until June 2010 in Vienna and its visit in the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade is first one abroad.

The City management and city companies are permanently engaged in tasks guided by the sustainability concept. “In this show we would like to present Vienna’s best practices applied in the area of urban and environmental technologies which are to the benefit of their populations functioning mostly invisibly and thus demonstrate their vital contribution to the smooth functioning of the city”, stated Alexandra Vogl.

The exhibition is organized by TINA VIENNA, City Company under the umbrella of Wien Holding GmbH as part of the “Days of Vienna” event in Belgrade.

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